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Florapharm Tea-USA

A tea maker far from the coast.

Our production and warehouse facilities are ideally located in Scheßlitz, near the city of Bamberg (North Bavaria), Germany. Friendly and qualified staff guarantees an efficient production process and distribution of first-class teas. We also obtain ingredients from the certified farmers around Bamberg for the production of our teas.

Our facility in Germany is centrally located among convenient driving routes, which allows us to offer our customers quick and economical deliveries. While you are visiting Florapharm, be sure to enjoy the picturesque landscape and the enchanting city of Bamberg.

Countries where we purchase our ingredients:

Unsere Anbaugebiete

- Canada

- Mexico
- Guatemala
- Ecuador

- Chile
- Paraguay
- Argentina
- Brazil

- Egypt
- Nigeria
- Ghana
- Sudan
- Kenya
- South Africa

- Germany
- Poland
- Hungary
- Turkey
- Italy
- Spain
- Greece
- Bulgaria
- Romania

- China
- Pakistan
- India
- Japan
- Taiwan
- Philippines
- Thailand
- Indonesia

- Australia