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Data security

Privacy policy of Florapharm Tea-USA LP
July 2007 

It is important that we collect information from our customers in order to provide you with excellent service. But our most important asset is your trust, and your highest priority is protecting your personal information and only using it in an appropriate manner. And of course, we observe data secuity. Furthermore, we want you to always know what data we record and how it will be used.

Data collection
Each visit to our website is journalized. We record the IP-address that your PC is currently using, the date, the time, the type of web browser, and the operating system of your PC, as well as the pages you visited. Under normal circumstances, it is not possible to identify a specific person, nor is it intended. Information is only collected for the purposes of data security and the optimization of our web pages. The data is not used in any other way, except for statistical purposes and in anonymized form. Also, no personal surfing profiles or anything similar are created or stored.

Date use and transfer
The personal data you provide us through a website or via e-mail (i.e. your name and your e-mail address), is only used during correspondence with you and only for the purpose you have indicated. We guarantee that your personal information is not distributed to third parties, unless we are legally obligated to do so or you have given us your prior consent. If we use a service provider for the executive of analytical processes, the contractual relations are regulated according to the Federal Data Security Law.

Consent and retraction
If you provided your personal data, you can delete it anytime. Data for purposes of billing and bookkeeping is not affected by cancellation, or deletion.

Storage duration
Personal data sent to us through our website is only stored as long as necessary for the purposes for which it was provided.

Your rights
Should  you decide no longer agree to the storage of your personal data or if the information is incorrect, we will have the items deleted or blocked at your request, or we will make the necessary corrections (as far as this is possible according to applicable law). Upon request, we will send you a list of all of your personal data that we have stored, free of charge.

Hyperlinks on other websites 
Occasionally, we refer to websites of third parties. Even though we select these third parties carefully, we cannot assume responsibility for the correctness or completeness of the content, or for the data security of websites of third parties. Our privacy policy also doesn`t apply to linked websites of third parties.

Use of cookies
The use of our website is effected with the employment of a cookie. In the cookie, a randomly generated session code is stored, which is deleted after closing the browsing window or at the end of the session.

Changes to this statement
Whenever we launch new products or services, modify internet procedures, or if there are internet or IT security, the privacy policy will be updated. Therefore, we reserve the right to modify or supplement the privacy statement as needed. We will publicize the changes here on this site, so you should check it regularly to see the current status of our privacy policy.

If you have any questions about privacy, the managing board of Florapharm GmbH is happy to help. You may use the contact form to send us your inquiries.