FLORAPHARM® is characterized by the early identification of changes on
the market and creating new trends. 
From inception, FLORAPHARM® has been
characterized by the early identification of changes in the market, creating new tea trends,
and staying one step ahead. The story begins in 1993 when a trained pharmacist 
decided to blend and sell eight teas. The location, Zapfendorf. A small town outside
the idyllic city of Bamberg in upper Franconia a beautiful region in the north of Bavaria.

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Words from the

Whether it’s in the form of spontaneous inspiration, finely tuned recipes or extraordinary tasteful creations, the following motto has applied to the development and production of FLORAPHARM teas for more than 25 years: "Prodesse et delectare" (Horace). A cup of FLORAPHARM® tea is supposed to provide the drinker not only with well-being for their body and their mind but also engage and delight the senses.

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FLORAPHARM is one of the largest manufacturers in Germany in the field of loose tea.
In addition to the location in Schesslitz, we have a subsidiary in the US state of Georgia with FLORAPHARM® TEA-USA.

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Schesslitz in upper Franconia, is an ideal place for the production of our quality teas. We grow various organic high quality components which we use in many of our organic products.

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We are proud winners of the Global Teaching Championship.
The world´s best teas are nominated in each category, judged by expert tea tasters and awarded metals.

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Trade Fair Dates

Get to know us in person –
We look forward to meeting all our customers face to face, and a good way to do that is at an expo. We´d love to see you at our booth where we showcase not only our bestsellers, but also any new creations, seasonal teas, and under discovered gems.

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