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FLORAPHARM® is characterized by the early identification of changes on the market and creating new trends. Always being one-step ahead determines the history and presence of the company in Germany. Over 20 years ago, everything started in Zapfendorf near Bamberg with the sale of eight teas. In the meantime, we have grown to offer about 1,000 teas. Since 2000, FLORAPHARM® is located in Schesslitz. The love for the product, the consistent high quality, the extraordinary engagement of the employees and the enormous innovation strength for the development of new tea trends – or in short: our passion for teas have remained the same.



Foundation of FLORAPHARM® in Zapfendorf, Germany.
Over 20 years ago, the pharmacist Georg Kroll founded the company FLORAPHARM®. In the first years, they focused on the set-up of a production according to pharmaceutical aspects that was possible due to the manufacturing license of medicinal teas. Both founders use their experience from their previous professional careers along with the will for self-employment as well as the love for nature and especially the love for tea-plants. The location Zapfendorf, near Bamberg, a rural region is ideal for the focusing on pure natural products.

The Relocation


Move to Schesslitz, Germany.
The rapid expansion of FLORAPHARM® leads to the move to Schesslitz, where there is enough room for the consistent growth of the production. Furthermore, the ideal transport connections speaks in favor for the city near Bamberg. In Schesslitz, FLORAPHARM® built up a highly modern production plant with a strict separation of aromatized teas / herbal teas and classic teas.




Foundation of FLORAPHARM TEA-USA® in Baltimore, Maryland.
Firstly, FLORAPHARM® collaborates with a salesperson in Baltimore to test the acceptance of its teas on the American market. The result: The high quality convinced many customers very quickly. Reason enough to found a subsidiary in Maryland.


Quality controls


The LEON Institute of Applied Analytics and Research starts its work.
Tea lovers want to have flawless products. The reliable high quality is one of the major success factors of FLORAPHARM® that is ensured by a long chain of measures. Indispensable: the quality controls by the LEON Institute.



Development of new wellness teas.
Being one step ahead of the customer requirements – this aim is achieved by FLORAPHARM® with the consistent development of new wellness teas, mild fruit melanges (use of beetroot and carrots) and ice teas made from fruit-, black- and green tea.



New buildings and storages redoubles the capacity at the location Schesslitz.
FLORAPHARM® constructs new buildings for production and storage to supply the increasing number of customers and to expand the variety of the teas. We look to the future due to the newly created capacities allows further growth. The strict spatial separation of aromatized teas and classic teas is retained. With the acquisition of a CO2-plant, tea can be disinsectised residue-free from 2011. Moreover, new raw material processes are used for the refinement of the teas.

USA headquarters relocates


FLORAPHARM TEA-USA® relocates its headquarters to Hinesville, Georgia.
As in Germany, the location in the USA also became too small very fast. The high popularity on the US- and the Canadian markets led to the search for a place where a consistent expansion was and is possible. An appropriate place was found in Hinesville, Georgia. The new production plants allow for further expansion that can respond to the current trends regarding healthy nutrition in the USA.

Product purification


Setting up new product purification lines.
The newest techniques helps with the mild and environmentally sound cleaning of the natural ingredients for FLORAPHARM® teas.

The first pyramid tea bag


The first pyramid bags are produced in the USA.
In the course of its history, FLORAPHARM has consistently demonstrated extraordinary innovation and strength that led to crucial competitive advantages. An especially impressive example is the development of the pyramid tea bags.



FLORAPHARM® receives its fourth award in series as World-Tea-Champion in Las Vegas.
Every year, FLORAPHARM® participates in the North American Tea Championship with a selection of teas. So far, at least one tea from the company in Schesslitz has been awarded each time so that FLORAPHARM® achieved all in all thirteen World-Tea-Champion-titles.