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Words of the managing director

Georg Kroll

„Prodesse et delectare“- “benefitting and delighting”, is a slogan of literature that results from the Roman poet Horaz. Our tea products are the focus of our work and have to conform to these two requirements: “delighting and benefitting” to be successful.

The first (“delighting”) we achieve this with our consistent product development. Here, the aim is to create an extraordinary attractive tea that delights the senses of the tea lovers regarding look, aroma as well as taste in a way that he buys the FLORAPHARM® tea again.

For me as a pharmacist, the second (“benefitting”) is a self-evident feature of our teas. Its composition includes a wellness character that is aimed at the tea lover’s wellbeing. For FLORAPHARM® it is of course self-evident to guarantee the safety of our tea products. In collaboration with the accredited laboratory Leon the analytic pureness of all FLORAPHARM® products is guaranteed that you can enjoy FLORAPHARM® tea with a clear conscience.

FLORAPHARM® tea is tea-pleasure. But also the people that we meet every day, play an important role for our work:

Our customers should feel comfortable. We achieve this with:

- a high level of innovation (for example mild fruit melanges, wellness-herbal teas, new flavors, natural aroma, etc.).

- consistent high-quality tea products.

- our collaboration with the independent laboratory LEON (maximum product safety).

- best consultation and training of our customers by experienced pharmacists, biologists, food chemists and tea taster.

- use of environmentally friendly and safe technologies in the production (CO2-disinfestation plant, all product contacting parts are made of high-grade steel, product friendly cleaning technologies).

Our suppliers:

- We have access to the best tea suppliers worldwide.

- We enjoy a close relationship to our suppliers, where the quality of our raw materials are in the focus.

- Due to the direct contact to our suppliers and the analytic possibilities of the laboratory LEON (pesticides, radioactivity, etc.) we can point out problems to our suppliers in the countries of origin and can solve them very quick.

- We support more and more social projects in the countries of origin.

Our employees:

- We offer our employees secure and attractive jobs.

- We put the emphasis on the further education of our employees in our company policy.

- We create interesting career opportunities for our employees.

Finally, everything together is crucial for our success. Become part of our FLORAPHARM® family.