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Quality checks at every step

With FLORAPHARM®, you are always on the safe side! Firstly, the already carefully selected offer sample passes through our receiving inspection, where it is tested in terms of sensor technology for possible defects. Decisive are the look, especially the color, as well as the smell and the taste. Only the lot numbers that adhere to the strict quality standard can get over this first hurdle.

The second stage follows the analytics that is adopted by the independently and after DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited Laboratory Leon Institute of Applied analytics and Research GmbH. Thus, we achieve the maximum security of our products. Here, the focus is on contaminants and residuals, e.g. of pesticides. Graduated pharmacists, food technologists and biologists guarantee the necessary professional competence. Due to the location of the laboratory at the production place, the examination can take place within 24 hours after the arriving of the respective samples. 

The shipment sample that stems from the same plucking as the subsequent delivery passes through the same examinations. Furthermore, it is tested for an exact compliance with the offer sample. Finally, an arrival sample is taken from the goods arrived. This arrival sample has also to accord with the both previous samples.

Only such a multistage process ensures that the goods that are processed have been tested and approved by tea tasters. Further controls take place in the production, where quality checks are integrated at all levels up to the finished teas. At all steps of the quality control the test results are recorded and therefore traceable retained.


An important detail of the quality control is the complete traceability of every ingredient. Every delivery of teas or other ingredients receive a lot number, every mixture an additional lot number and every finished packaged product. By means of this last number, for every contained ingredient can be stated the place of origin as well as the date of the delivery. Thus, with FLORAPHARM® teas it is possible to trace back the way of the tea from the cup to the tea garden.

Cooperation as a way to success

In means of control, we work closely together with our partners in the origin countries of our teas and other raw materials. The cooperation guarantees a quick intervention if there are deviations from the optimum quality. A precondition for a smooth process is a long-lasting trusting partnership.