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Strong team & modern technology

An engaged and competent team with great experience as well as modern technology are the both most important components that makes our production a birthplace of unique teas. We mix, aromatize, vitaminize and mineralize, whereby we consistently expand our already varied range by innovations. Therefore, we set many new trends in terms of tea due to our expertise. Furthermore, we focus always on the health aspect due to the history of FLORAPHARM®.

Your own tea creation

You put emphasis on individuality and have concrete ideas? When you order a minimum quantity of a sort, we can develop and produce a tea mixture according to your wishes. Use this possibility to surprise your customers with an offer that they cannot find elsewhere on the market.

Plants up-to-date

All parts of our production plants that are in contact with our teas and the other ingredients, consist of high quality steel. On the one hand, this has hygienic reasons, as this material is easy to clean. On the other hand, the smell of the previously produced product completely disappears during the cleaning. Purity is one of the main quality criteria regarding tea.

Our technology for the mixing of different ingredients is also perfectly adapted to the highly sensitive product tea. These are mixed very carefully, which prevents an undesired fragmentation. With that, we achieve an incomparable aroma of the end product.  




Highly modern storage

At our location in Schesslitz, there is a production area of about 2,500 square meters in five halls. The high-bay storage offers place for our tea components as well as packaged tea on about 7,000 square meters. The used devices consist of pure high quality steel and work gently. A just-in-time production ensures maximum freshness for the end products.