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Highest quality standards

The high quality of your offers is the entrance ticket into the market. Highest quality has therefore the highest priority at FLORAPHARM®. To meet the demanding standards, we set strict standards – from the first to the last step of the production chain. This begins with the very carefully selection of the raw materials as well as the origin countries and intensive quality controls, the qualification of suppliers and employees as well as highly modern production plants to the certification of our company to internationally accepted standards.

Purity of products

Only that what is good from the beginning on, is also good as an end product. Therefore, the raw products pass through a CO2-disinfestation. This modern method that can be used against pests does not leave any residues and is characterized by a maximum protection of the product. Especially for organically grown teas, the pressure treatment with carbon dioxide is the only method to kill existing living organisms naturally. Taste, smell and consistency of the tealeaves are not influenced in any way.

Separation of the tea sorts

The strategy of the strict spatial separation in the production differentiates us from many competitors. We separate non-aromatized teas from aromatized teas to avoid every influence in taste by the non-aromatized teas. Especially the 100% separation of the sensitive, high-quality classical teas from all strong-smelling tea components (for example peppermint, chamomile, aroma teas) by its own production building is an excellent advantage of FLORAPHARM® teas. Here, we make full use of the huge area of our location – for the sake of the absolute purity of our products that appreciate every tea lover, especially of classical teas.

Allergenic teas

Since the summer in 2015, FLORAPHARM® has a production rail for allergenic teas. That means, appropriate products are strictly separated from the other products. Allergy sufferers can be sure that cross-contamination is avoided. The responsibility for the health of all FLORAPHARM® tea drinkers is our most important task.